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Fully adjustable, utility carabiner handle.
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The Game Changer

The Helpful Handle’s patent pending design is adaptable to fit nearly any thing you need to handle. In addition to making it much more convent to carry things; it prevents the loss of your expensive gear. The aluminum alloy locking carabiner clip and steel cam attachment make it the only adaptable handle on the market. Whether you’re out hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking or just about anywhere else, you can be confident your water bottle, portable speaker, or whatever gear you need to handle will stay with you. This is one of the handiest new tools on the market.


The easy-to-use strap on carabiner clip handle can be quickly and easily clipped to just about anything - belt, strap, bicycle, you name it.


Hydro Handle is built with climbing quality carabiner. Whether you're hiking, biking, rafting or sailing, this handle ensures your stuff stays put.


The unique, adjustable design ensures the Helpful Handle utility clip can be scraped onto and to almost anything.


Helpful Handle

Shop our selection of different webbing prints. We release limited edition patterns seasonally. We can even custom print Helpful Handles with your company’s logo!

Product Reviews

What People are Saying

The Helpful Handle is hands down the most incredible water bottle holder. I used to lose a bottle every trip down the river. Since switching to the Hydro Handle, my bottle stays put and I haven't lost a single one. That's one less distraction so that I can focus on more important things.
Lisa Peterson
After spending a small fortune on expensive water bottles that would inevitably end up lost, I was so happy to finally find the Helpful Handle utility clip. The product is not only great for the environment, but also my wallet.
Tiffany Bryant

About the Company

Helpful Handle is owned by Tigra Soleil, a USAF veteran, whitewater river guide, and Native American entrepreneur. Tigra is an incredibly hard working, dedicated individual. This product was invented by her after many years of working as an outdoor expedition guide. She cares deeply about giving back to the environment and at-risk communities. 90% of all business profits are dedicated to programs that are helpful to social and environmental causes.

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