The Story Behind Hydro Handle and its Founder, Tigra Soleil

As a veteran, minority and female entrepreneur, Tigra dedicates 90% of her company's profits to social and environmental justice causes.

About Tigra

Tigra Soleil’s story is one of courage, innovation, and commitment to the greater good. Born in the small town of Aledo, Texas, Tigra embarked on a journey that would take her around the world and back, armed with a deep passion for the environment and holistic wellness. Her military service in the US Air Force laid the groundwork for her disciplined approach to life’s challenges, while her subsequent role as a frontline water protector at Standing Rock cemented her dedication to environmental advocacy.

Following her military service, Tigra found solace and a renewed sense of purpose in the great outdoors. She turned her passion into a profession, becoming an international river guide and later inventing the Helpful Handle, a device designed to enhance the outdoor experience while encouraging environmental responsibility. This invention is a reflection of Tigra’s innovative spirit and her desire to contribute positively to the world.

Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Tigra has been instrumental in building communities through her work with Holistic Veterans, where she helps provide veterans with access to holistic healing modalities. Her involvement in the festival industry as a builder and pyrotechnics operator showcases her diverse talents and her ability to engage and inspire festival-goers through breathtaking displays and intricate constructions.

Tigra’s life is a testament to the power of resilience and the impact of living authentically. Her multifaceted career—spanning military service, environmental activism, and community building—makes her a beacon for those aspiring to make a difference. As she continues to guide, teach, and inspire, Tigra Soleil remains a symbol of strength and a voice for sustainable practices, holistic wellness, and the preservation of the natural world.